NextPay Payment Gateway
Feature-rich payment gateway allows for easy eCommerce Credit Card Processing
A Payment Gateway is an eCommerce application that allows you to accept credit cards via the
Combined with a Merchant Account, it is the equivalent to a point-of-sale terminal located in
most retail outlets. The NextPay Payment Gateway is one of the most
powerful, feature-rich,
payment gateways in the industry
. NextPay provides everything you need to accept credit cards
and debit cards over the Internet.

How a Gateway Transaction Works:
The NextPay Payment Gateway will save you money on your first transaction - no matter how many
transactions you are processing daily.The NextPay Payment Gateway protects credit card data by
encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes
securely between merchant and payment processor.

The NextPay Gateway is Level One PCI Compliant. Information is encrypted and processed with the
strictest security measures in the industry -- minimizing the risk of fraud. The NextPay Payment
Gateway makes it easy to start accepting credit cards - no hassle integration allows you to accept a
variety of credit cards and eChecks.

> Simple to use and setup

> Accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks

> Address Verification (AVS), IP and email verification

> Integrates into eCommerce applications or brick and mortar business systems

> Safety and security Level One PCI Compliant to the highest industry standards

> Ability to handle single transactions or Recurring Billing

> Monitor information and access robust reporting

So get started today. Call NextPay at 972.242.8090 or fill out our contact form. One of our
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1. A customer browses
your website. When she
decides to purchase, the
goods are place into a
Shopping Cart. NextPay
integrates with dozens of
the Industries best
2. A customer uses a
credit card to purchase
goods from your website.
3. Through NextPay,
the information is
securely authorized and
the funds are verified.
4. The transaction is
then transmitted,
notifying the issuing
bank that a purchase
has been made. This is
done through NextPay's
secure backend.
5. The funds are then
transmitted to your
business banking
account and the
transaction is complete.