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Streamline your call center's ability to accept credit cards in the mail or on the phone
NextPay understands in the Mail Order, Telephone Order (MOTO) business, customer service is
directly tied to your ability to take and process payment. This is especially critical when you process
"card not present" transactions. You need an experienced company to help you streamline the
payment process and enhance your customer service. With NextPay, you can be assured your
customer's payment experience will be positive. NextPay MOTO is designed to streamline credit card
acceptance, check clearing and funding. NextPay MOTO helps you increase cash flow and minimize
the lag typically associated with the check clearing process.

With NextPay MOTO, you get the following:

> Best rate in the industry for "card not present" transactions

> Fast processing for "card not present" transactions

> Comprehensive fraud prevention tools

> Online Billing and Recurring Billing Help to manage subscriptions and membership payments

> Credit card processing for all major card types

> Online account management

> 24/7 Support

So get started today. Call NextPay at 972.242.8090 or fill out our contact form. One of our
representatives will give you a call within one business day.