NextBill Online Billing
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> Simple to setup - enter the information once

> Highly secure infrastructure - backed by 25-years of experience in the financial services

> Drive down your costs v. manually billing customers and clients

> Accept credit cards and debit cards

> Accept eChecks and bank debits directly - through NextChecks

Because NextBill allows you to migrate your invoices and payments online, you will not have the
additional costs associated with printing, folding and mailing - eliminating the traditional fulfillment.
Additionally, you will see faster revenue recognition as customers
that receive an invoice online
are 33% more likely to pay before the due date.

With NextBill, you will see immediate savings with each bill presented, better cash management,
reduction in administrative overhead and a reduction of the number of delinquent accounts.
Many companies have to search high and low to piece together their online billing systems. NextBill
offers a simple to use, low-cost, full-cycle online billing system, but with NextBill, you get all the
functionality in an easy-to-integrate system. Please call
NextPay Merchant Services at 972.242.8090
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NextBill Online Billing
Eliminate up to 60% of manual billing costs with NextBill Online Billing
Online Billing allows you to avoid the waste and cost
associated with traditional invoicing of customers.
Postage, fulfillment and labor costs eat at the
bottom-line; and the rate at which customers pay
"traditional invoices" impacts your revenue
recognition. Avoid all these headaches and take all
your invoices online with NextBill Online Billing.
(Download the NextBill Online Billing capabilities

NextBill was the first Electronic Bill Presentment and
Payment (EBPP) system in the industry and is focused
entirely on improving business' billing processes.
NextBill is a server-based solution that can easily be
configured to work seamlessly with your billing
system. NextBill works with most accounting and ERP
systems , including SAP, Oracle, Activant, and
QuickBooks as well as legacy or proprietary systems.