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part·ner (pärt'ner) n. One that is united or associated with another or others in
an activity or goal

Define your success. Partner with NextPay Merchant Services. NextPay is the next generation of
Merchant Services
companies, and we are looking for partners to help shape the future of credit
card processing
. Whether you are seeking additional revenue from an existing client base or would
like to add greater value to your current products and services, NextPay can offer
solutions you need to meet your goals.

NextPay has four Merchant Partner Programs designed to create value, drive adoption and grow
revenue. So get started today. Call NextPay at 972.242.8090 or fill out our contact form.
Partner Programs
Partner with NextPay and give your customers real credit card processing solutions
Affiliate Program: The NextPay Affiliate Partner Program is designed for Associations, Trade
Organizations and Buying Groups. With NextPay, you get a straight-forward pricing program with no
hidden fees. Your members will save time and money partnering with NextPay and your
organization will have the satisfaction of working with a company that has over 25 years in the
financial services industry.

Agent Partner Program: The NextPay Agent Program is designed to give you all the resources and
flexibility you need to be successful. Earn generous commissions for selling our products and
receive residual income for every merchant that you sign up. As an authorized agent of NextPay,
you will have complete control of your own operation branded with a name that is recognized as an
industry leader.

Technology Partners: Our Technology Partner Program is designed for POS Developers, Web
Developers and Technology VARS. Integrate NextPay technology into your POS, website,
shopping cart or other online application. Our solutions are the most advanced systems in the
industry. The NextPay Solutions are flexible and scalable - offering the ease of use integrates and
security protocols your customers demand.

Referral Partner Program: Refer leads to NextPay and when we sign one, we pay you cash.
NextPay offers some of the most generous payouts in the industry. As your referrals grow, you
have the opportunity to make even more money with additional bonuses and commissions.

That's the NextPay Difference -- Giving our Partners the tools and support to create a long lasting
and profitable business relationship. Please call
972.242.8090 or fill out our contact form.