NextPay and PCI Compliance
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PCI Getting Started Guide
NextPay Keeps your Data Safe
Trust NextPay to make sure your customers' most sensitive information is secure
When it comes to accepting credit cards, nothing is more important
than protecting your most sensitive data.
A security breach from
processing credit cards
can expose companies to fines, the inability
to accept credit cards and the loss of your customer's confidence --
and there is no question about it: credit card fraud and theft are on the

NextPay Merchant Services is a Level One Payment Card Industry
compliant supplier. A Level One designation is the highest level
of security in the industry.
PCI Compliance means the processes and
procedures are in place to protect your customers' personal
information. NextPay Merchant Services works diligently to make sure
our software, networks and storage facilities always maintain the
highest level of payment security which allows you to reduce your
risk and minimize your liability.
PCI compliance impacts businesses of
all sizes. In fact small businesses are most at risk to be non-compliant.

Unlike most credit card processors, NextPay Merchant Services develops its hardware, software and
network infrastructure in-house. Too often, processors resell other companies' technology as their own.
a merchant, you may not be dealing with the developer of some technology, but a middleman who is
unaware of the complexities of the security regulations.
NextPay Merchant Services is a division of
Brinkman Financial Company a leading developer of technology and software for the financial services
industry for over 25 years.
Businesses need to protect themselves as the threat of
electronic theft grows and becomes more complex.
Unfortunately, many merchants are finding staying
compliant is becoming more costly and time consuming.
To stay ahead of that most important curve, merchants
are coming to NextPay Merchant Services because our
fraud prevention tools safeguards the most sensitive

The NextPay systems, including its Payment Gateway
and Virtual Terminal are constantly monitored and
updated regularly to ensure customers are protected
and their data is protected from unwanted intrusion or
theft. So get started today. Call NextPay at
or fill out our contact form. One of our representatives will
give you a call within one business day.