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NextPay Recurring Billing
Perfect Solution for Accepting Credit Cards for subscriptions, memberships or installment
Automate subscriptions, membership dues, on-going charitable donations or any repeating bill with the
NextPay Recurring Billing solution. Our system allows you to quickly and easily setup a recurring billing
cycle for your customers. The NextPay system is flexible and secure - enter the information once,
including start date, end date and amount - and the system does the rest.

> Improves the billing cycle
There is no need to add additional information after you set up the billing profile. The system simply and
efficiently bills your customer.

> Protect your data
NextPay Recurring Billing eliminates the need to store your customers' most sensitive data in files or on
your computer. Its highly secure infrastructure is backed by our 25-years of experience in the financial
services industries.

> Offer multiple payment methods
The NextPay recurring billing system not only accepts credit cards, debit cards, but NextPay eChecks
as well.

> Dramatically reduce costs
Eliminate up to 60% of your costs in manually billing your customers.

For even more robust invoicing payment and presentment options, our NextBill Online Billing product
handles all your electronic invoicing, presentment and payment (EIPP) needs.

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The NextPay Recurring Billing solution is a convenient and
easy-to-use tool for managing recurring or subscription-based
Accept credit cards, process debit and eChecks on
an ongoing basis. Take advantage of feature-rich application to
enhance customer service, while dramatically reducing costs.

Easy to set up, NextPay Recurring Billing can be added to
shopping carts, websites, POS applications -- or when used with
our NextPay ChargeIT Virtual Terminal -- can be a stand-alone application.
You can create a subscription or let your customer pay in
installments within the application.